Hellsing OVA 1

Posted Aug 11, 2007, 4:26:44 AM

OMFG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this was HARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
yea it took me forever to draw this and yesh theres many mistakes
but yea mostly drawn in school and of course at home im so proud of this!!!!!!!!!!!!
i know some of the shading is a bit off but i wasnt going to create it like the DVD box
and as Alucard says
"The Bird of the Hermes is my name,
eating my wings to make me tame.

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  • Sep 16, 2007
    Hey, this is pretty well done. Big Smile Crayola strikes again. Laughing I love Crayola.
  • Aug 24, 2007
    This looks great Yes The perspective is well done. The hand looks awesome too Nice job Thumbs Up
    • Aug 24, 2007
      yea i was trying to color it like the DVD to but since i dont have photo shop had to settle with pencils and sharpies
      • Aug 25, 2007
        Well you certainly did a pretty good job of coloring it without photoshop. what kind of colored pencils do you use?
        • Aug 25, 2007
          crayola for the red under neith, the Hellsing sigh and the sky, the gun and part of his hand
          then i used sharpie on his coat, and the black
          • Aug 25, 2007
            You should try out prisma colored pencils. They're awesome and they blend really well Yes Though they are kind pricey.
            • Aug 25, 2007
              yea ive been looking for them but if i go to a big place i always forget about them since a wal- mart doesnt carry much art supplies




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