Posted Aug 13, 2007, 4:35:58 PM

This is an original character of mine. Her name is Yume. She's got quite an interesting temper, and one of my favorites to draw. Hm... I like how she sort of looks like she's "emerging from the darkness" XD

The image itself is actually a few months old, but I cleaned it up today, and thought it would make a good first submission here. However, my usual style looks nothing like this XD I usually go for "softer" looks. In fact, this is the only artwork I have in this style.

Sketched on regular printing paper, colors done in Photoshop CS2.

Yume © M.E. Sandoval (TheChibiPhoenix)


EDIT: I added a watermark because I'm paranoid, and I fixed the neck. OH.. and it has a distinct watermark on it. Feel free to visit me on deviantART XD

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  • Aug 13, 2007
    I HAD to click on this from the front page earlier, even though I wasn't able to comment right away. Corky Smile
    I, too, love how she's emerging from the darkness, it's what drew me to this. It's really a fascinating style, and I think it might be cool to pursue it a bit, even if it's not your normal style. It's really cool. Corky Smile
    The two lines on her neck, though, confuse me. Are they muscle-defining lines? Maybe if they are, they shouldn't touch the other lines? They just look a little strange there, as if they are shadows, but there's nothing there to MAKE the shadow...
    • Aug 13, 2007
      Oops.. I deleted the lines.. LOL

      I'll probably just end up those two on her neck, too, tho LOL

      I've been told to pursue this style before too, so I'll definitely give it a shot.. as soon as soon as I get an idea for a piece that will fit this style. I find myself uninspired lately >.<
  • Aug 13, 2007
    Yume~<3 I remember this being the first time I saw her X3. I also said something about the shading resembling Grand Theft Auto XD!

    She's pretty and sexy both with her "interdimentional wig" and without it ^.^

    Did I mentionned that the anatomy is great? O.O
    • Aug 13, 2007
      Thanks! X3 I'm proud of her face on this one. It's got a more "real" feel to it... I remember reading Deathnote like.. right before I sketched this, so it might have something to do with how this turned out XD
      • Aug 13, 2007
        Oh I see ^^. Takeshi Obata is a great influence in a realistic-like manga style ;P
        • Aug 13, 2007
          I love Takeshi Obata. Really inspiring artist... which reminds me, I still want that art book XP LOL




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