A Kite in the Heart of a Storm

Posted Aug 13, 2007, 4:46:37 PM

This was an art trade with my cousin Mylene. She and I had to draw at least 3 main characters of each other's original story. Hers is named "Un Cerf-volant au Coeur d'une Tempete". If you want to see her part of the trades as well as some other arts, visit her at www.deviantart.com http://milly-willy.deviantart.com

....She likes crazy hair =|.

Top left: Eliott Wycliffe
Right: Merik Prokofiev De Nazareth
Middle: Mathys Amiot
Lower left: Violet Yinsay

Media used: Pencils, mechanical pencils

Characters from "Un Cerf-volant au Coeur d'une Tempete" ©Mylene Lau
Art by Chison Cam (me). Please do not copy, distribute, alter and/or use without permission.

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  • Aug 13, 2007
    I recognize your work from a mile away, I swear (but not on my life XD) I love the layout of this picture. Totally reminds me of a cover.

    I should try something like this X3... Shan would probably be in the middle, but I'm not sure who else would be in the picture XD

    What was the value of the darkest pencil you used in this piece? o.o
    • Aug 13, 2007
      Thank you haha Big Smile I kind of wanted it to look either like a cover or a poster XD

      Well, if Shan is here, why not include Yume, Aelita and Yuki? It depends on where it is in the timeline too. You can also do a group picture of the many appearance of Shan in her previous lives.

      The darkest was B, which is after HB.