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Posted Jul 5, 2005, 11:54:16 PM
^_^ I did this one for punkspike awhile back. It's all watercolor pencils. ^_^I've got 3 other versions of it too... lol And, I KNOW he's pink. My scanner was making things that were tan pink when I drew this one. X_X

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  • Jul 5, 2005
    I thought the pink was done on purpose and I think it actually looks good. Remember it is your picture and you can make his skin any color you want, hun. ^_^ I think this is absolutely one of your best and I am saving it in my faves. I bet PS loved it. Great work little one. *pats head*
    • Jul 5, 2005
      No, he's not that pink in real life. Maybe a little but of a pinkish tan, but not that pink. lol Thank you!! That means a lot because this is the forst watercolor pencil drawing I ever did. ^_^ *soaks up the sun* LOL
  • Dec 20, 2005
    So cool dude!^^