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Where are you

Posted Aug 20, 2007, 11:41:19 AM

Another old pic...^^;;

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  • Sep 6, 2007
    He's a very beautiful bish!
    • Sep 6, 2007
      >///< Thank u so much for liking him. I'm still learning along the way. haha. I like drawing bishies n fantasy characters. XD
      • Sep 6, 2007
        You're welcome! I like your bishies! They're very beautiful! Thsi guy si especially beautiful! I hope you'll treat to another pic or two with him in it...
  • Nov 25, 2007
    The coloring on this piece is absolutely stunning. The hair shininess especially. ^^ Very effective bishounen. Smile
    • Nov 25, 2007
      Thank u for ur comments! haha. Glad u like the coloring. Smile