Shinigami no Oni

Posted Aug 24, 2007, 3:25:16 AM

Shinigami no Oni: Shakuro

Demon of Death Gods X3

This picture was a bit of a holiday for me. I had been doing a lot of "work" type drawing, and I wanted to do something fun. I had also been watching a lot of Bleach, and as I was doing so I thought (among other things...), "hey, Shakuro would look really cool in Shinigami clothes!"

So here she is. :3

Some notes about Shakuro, for those of you who are just meeting her:

She is the hero of my manga, Angeldevil, which I hope to post here soon.
She is nicer than she looks.
She is fire-proof.
No, that's not a lightsaber she's got: it's her Spirit Staff masqurading as a zanpakuto.
She is no relation of Hellboy.
She likes chocolate cheesecake.
She should, at all costs, be kept AWAY from Kenpachi.
Her skin is REALLY hard to color.

Copic markers and pilot pens on 8.5"x11" paper with white acrylic magic (ink). Shakruo is © me. Death God uniform is from Bleach by Tite Kubo.

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  • Aug 24, 2007
    Very nice, dynamic pose. Her skin may be hard to color but it looks amazing! I love the red and black together.
    • Aug 24, 2007
      Thank you!

      Yup, hard to color AND make look good, so I'm extra pleased with it!

      Big Smile
  • Aug 24, 2007
    It's great to see her again!! This is the style I'm most familar with of your work, El;rond-chan, but I like the new style too!! I feel like I met both an old 7 new friend today!
    • Aug 24, 2007
      Yay, I'm so glad you like!

      Big Smile

      I love Shakuro... hopefully I'll have time to post some of her comics here soon. Smile
      • Aug 25, 2007
        Cool! I like her too! She's a real woman with curves & she kicks butt too!
        • Aug 25, 2007

          And not the conventional kind of curves neither! Big Smile
  • Aug 26, 2007
    It's hard to believe you do all this in traditional media! I love the brightness of hte sword, and the facial details are just absolutely breathtaking.

    Such a pretty pose and angle too!
    • Aug 26, 2007
      Really? Thank you SO much!

      All my life (well, since about four years ago) I've looked at CG shaded paintings and just yearned to be able to make something that you couldn't tell was digital or traditional... it's something like a lifelong goal I'm working towards. Smile

      Heh heh. This pose just popped into my head: so Shakuro, she looks like she saying "Yo!"

      Big Smile
      • Aug 26, 2007
        Haha, she does! I love the angle, it's so active. Congratulations, you really fooled me, LOL!
        • Aug 27, 2007
          *does happy dance*

          Thank you so much!




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