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Child of disturbing thoughts

Posted Aug 24, 2007, 5:07:33 AM

this was actualy stemed about a conversation about reincarnation mostly the belief that If you are reincarnated into the same bloodline you will be reincarnated as the oppset gender.

well our reincarnated Esther would be a Crusnik, partly taking advantage of a popluar cuple, who is also related to Able.

little Ion is still a cute hard-headed Methuselah, whos older brother happens to be Radus reincarnation. XD

so ya the general conversation was same characters MOST in diffrent selfs as Seth and Able would be still alive. and the idea for this picture poped into my head I couldnt get it out and after about five minuets I thought it was cute enough to go ahead and draw.

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