Posted Jul 10, 2005, 2:40:51 AM
After a gruesome day of painting the appartement, i deliever you this... I had an urge to draw and this is what came up. Its my rendition of a wallpaper i found on the net. I used oil pastel to color Inuyasha, and im quite proud of the result,even if it was kinda hard to use rough edge pastel to do details :annoyed:But it came out nice! Like it?

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  • Feb 1, 2007
    If you didn't know already, I'm a BIG fan of Inuyasha... and this picture is just Amazing! I luff the necklace/hair detail. Good job.
    • Feb 2, 2007
      thank you very much! I'm glad you like it. I have an other of Inuyasha in my gallery if you want and some of Sesshy too.
      Again, I thank you.Grin
  • May 14, 2006
    Good layout, so hot!
  • Jul 29, 2005
    oh wow you did really good
  • Jul 10, 2005
    ooh! I love his hair and his expression!
  • Jul 9, 2005
    Oooo, I like, I like! This is very good. I've worked with pastels before, and I know what a pain they can be to work with! I give you extra kudos just for that! One, itty bitty little thing that I think could really make this flawless, I'd complete the upper portion of his mouth. I kind of had to look at it for a minute to get what it was. I think I know the emotion you're trying to portray with the mouth open like that, and I think if you left it open a little to the side, you'd get the effect you're looking for. Otherwise, I'm totally lovin' it!
    • Jul 9, 2005
      Thank for the comment your absolutely right, i hadn't saw that, i'll touched it up! I really appreciate you pointing that out, thanks a lot! And im very happy that you like it! Smile
  • Jul 9, 2005
    Oh mi gosh! That's wonderful! I really luv the glow you have around him too. It gives a wonderful 3D look! ^_^
  • Jul 9, 2005
    This is goreous Lily! I love how it turned out as well. You did him great justice. I really love the red background and his neckalce looks absolutely perfect! Please do more Inuyasha drawings. I lvoe them and unfortunately, there aren't very many on this site. Keep up the great work.
    • Jul 9, 2005
      Thanks Katrina, i'm very glad you like it!Embarrassed Once i started i couldn't stop, it took me 2 hours! There's one of Sesshy that im starting right now!Wink Thanks again!
      • Jul 9, 2005
        I can not wait to see the Sesshy one! He is my absolute favorite character in the whole wide world. I just did a realistic style pic of Sesshy. It is on the Red Curtain if you want to see it. He is completely naked. I am so naughty. Evil
        • Jul 9, 2005
          Lol, i will go check it out this instant! Im on a drawing rush thanks to all of you, i'll be productive this week, im not working, ehehe! I have another Sesshy in my pocket! Smile
          • Jul 9, 2005
            Well, keep the Sesshys coming. I love him and can't get enough Sesshy pics. He is so hot. I am really looking forward to seeing more of your wonderful pics.
            • Jul 10, 2005
              You wont be dissapointed, im actually thinking of bringing my scanner on vacation with me. I have such an urge to draw, im so glad to have found this site! Its been a very long time since i've pick up my pencils to draw, i forgot how i love it. Smile
              • Jul 10, 2005
                Well, you are extremely talented, so please do keep drawing. I love these pics that you have put up so far. you put alot of effort and energy into these pics and it really shows. You should be proud. Did you know that I had quit drawing for about 6 years? Then one day I decided to pick up the pencil and sketch pad again. And I am glad I did. I almost forgot how therapeutic and rewarding drawing is. I don't think I will ever take a break from it again. Much love. ^_^
                • Jul 10, 2005
                  Thanks, it means a lot to me! No i didn't know that you stopped drawing for 6 years, i think i understand you on that. I've drop everything that was related to art after college, i realized that i had no talent. What i mean by no talent is that i cant really create, i have to have a model otherwise im never satisfied with what i do. When i was studying art, sure i was the best in the observation drawing classes, but i sucked in the other! But now i know that i do have a talent, im good in observation drawing. But i somehow feel like im cheating cuz im only doing my version of something already there, you understand? I wish i could draw like Minimaid, have a picture in my head and put in on paper, buts that not so easy! But you're right, i had forgot how i love drawing and how its a 'getaway' i dunno how to say it in english, like im leaving the normal plane. Coming here has made me realised that all art is art, as long as we see it that way! Smile Hugs and kisses Katrina! Thanks
                  • Jul 10, 2005
                    *laughs* My name is really Kristina, but you can call me Katrina or Kat if you want too. Laughing Actually I liket he sound of Kat. That sounds pretty cool. You sound alot like me. I never thought any of my art was good enough because I was just re-drawing other people's characters. I didn't have my own style yet. Then one day I woke up and decided to try something new. That is when I decided to do the realistic pics of these characters. I thought it would be a great wy to show off what I could really do. Alveit, that I still need some practice, but I think I am improving with every picture that I draw. Don't worry about just doing fanart. Fanart is a huge talent. People don't realise how hard it is to actually draw these characters. Keep up the good work, Lili. You do have a knack for this and I can't wait to see more of your work. Much love.
                    • Jul 11, 2005
                      Argh, Sorry Kristina, i dunno why my brain mixed up yur name into Katrina! Sorry! Its a shame though, Kat suits you, change yur name so that we can give you this nickname Wink

                      You're right, before, i always said that i couldn't paint, that i couldn't the colour and produce the light, but once i started, i was good. Sometimes, we just have to try something new, its by trying that i'll find my style, who knows if i keep drawing these fan art i might be able to do of my own !!!!! Hugs and Kisses Kristina! (yeah i got it right)
                      • Jul 11, 2005
                        *laughs* Yep. You got it right. I should change my name so everyone can call me Kat. That would be so cool! It sounds alot better than Switch, I'll tell you that. Laughing It took me a while to find my style. Now I think I have found it. Eureka! *chorus plays Halleleujah! in the background* It is all about finding what you and you alone can do. I love your pictures. I can't wait to see more.
                        • Jul 12, 2005
                          lol, ok so Kat...(kidding) Well, how about Krist? Smile Why switch? Im still playing around to find my style, but theres one thing that i love to draw...faces, i think im starting to define myself! Hugs!Smile
                          • Jul 12, 2005
                            That is so great that you are finding your style. I am so proud of you. ^_^ Just as long as you don't call me Krust or Krusty, then anything will be fine as far as my name goes. I have changed my name to Switch in the forums. I kind of had to when I got knighted by MiniMaid and got baptized British. Laughing Keep up[ the good work, love. I will be looking forward to your new pics.
                            • Jul 13, 2005
                              lol,awww thanks mom! Yeah but switch isn't french enough, yur half quebecer also! Let me think of a nice french nick...Wink

                              Thanks a lot!
  • Jul 9, 2005
    Oh, Lili, this is AWESOME! I really, really love the way you colored/shaded it. And his hair is perfect. This is just lovely! +fav ^_^




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