The Gwyddernan

Posted Aug 25, 2007, 12:37:54 AM

The Gwyddernan

To the people that abuse
the powers that they use
lawful yet unjust
Beware of the Gwyddernan.

To whom the untouchable must answer.

The Gwyddernan is a being unique to Antellonia, and probably the main reason the gods there are so well behaved. It's sole purpose is to act as a sort of arbiter to gods and other beings who think of themselves as above any moral obligations about their power. It is also incredibly old: Draconian history shows that it was ancient even before the dragons came to power. The name "Gwyddernan" is a direct transliteration of its title in Dragontongue, which sounds something like "GurwdthuROAAAAAAARRGerudddkrganAAAAn" and means simply, "to whom the untouchable must answer."

The above picture is how is appears to humans and human gods: it has the head of an owl falcon and tattered wings, with talons for hands and maiden's feet. It always appears with an unsheathed sword made of truth in it right talon, and a scroll made of guilt in its left. It is said that the skulls of the unjustly slain gather about its feet, and moss grows where it walks.

The Gwyddernan is seldom seen, worshiped by none, and the one thing that all gods fear.

Nine days and many, many hours with prismacolor pencils on 9"x12" paper.

The Gwyddernan and associated prose is © myself.


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