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Posted Sep 10, 2007, 5:23:09 AM

I like to think of this as pre-femslash for the two.

Deathly Hallows itsy-bitsy spoilers in this section below:

Okay, so I've been going crazy with these third gen characters and naturally cooking up some of my own... and I've been writing their post-Hogwarts years as they're working in the Ministry of Magic. So, I've been in love with the Law Enforcement division of the MoM and decided that most of this crew will end up there. They like their Friday evening after hours pub trips.

So, the tall girl with the crazy hair is Rose Weasley. That height is definitely from her father, she's around 5'11". She's beaten only by her father, Uncle Bill, and grandfather Weasley. She can look her Uncle Harry straight in the eyes without having to look up or down. She makes her little brother and her cousins look short... she makes Teddy Lupin feel a bit short and nervous. Her job in the Magical Law Enforcement department is as a Hit Wizard (or witch... whatever), her Hogwarts House was Ravenclaw, and she was a Chaser on Ravenclaw's Quidditch team since her Fourth Year.

The very... disgruntled young woman standing next to Rose is a third generation OC of mine, a French girl by the name of Fiona Bernier (eldest child of experimental wand-maker Aimee Charbonneau and eccentric novelist Gabriel Bernier). She's the new head of the Law Enforcement department, transferred from France. She's got her moments of dottiness, but she's remarkably grounded considering her parentage, and she's also a bit of an over-worker with very little humour; she's downright unpleasant if she wants to be (like right now). She's been nicknamed (much to her chagrin) Finny by Albus and Rose in an attempt to get a reaction out of her.

Here you can see Rose trying to wheedle an adamantly reluctant Finny to join the rest of the department down at their favourite Friday evening pub.

Just a little addendum of sorts giving you guys the careers of the other canon third gen characters in my fanon:

Scorpius and James are also Hit Wizards in Law Enforcement division, Al takes part in crime investigations and deals with poison traces [putting his skills in potions to good use], Hugo decided dragon keeping was his calling in life so he began studying it with his Uncle Charlie after leaving Hogwarts, Teddy is an Auror, and Victoire began an apprenticeship as a Healer at St. Mungo's after graduating Hogwarts.

And you may be wondering, where is Finny's right arm? Reaching into her belt pouch for her wand, that's where.

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  • Sep 10, 2007
    Haha, I absolutely love this. I love the art and I sure as hell love the description of the two characters. Big Smile
    Great work! Smile