.: Ammorette . Moon Crystal :.

Posted Sep 19, 2007, 11:42:54 AM
Finally did it, took longer than I thought >< but I did experiment and play around with different things. I actually tried with a background too which kept freezing my computer as I was doing it >< it was originally just going to be plain, then patterned, then a starry night and then it looked a bit too dark so I added a moon, the rest of the starry background is there ish... O.o; her skin turned out brighter when I JPG it ><

This is my character Ammorette which will be in a manga in which one day, I actually may decide to start... need to do the planning yet though >< I haven't added her blank wings in this picture. The purplely-blue things in the background where meant to be feathers from her wings but it then looked weird so I changed the colours to match her make-up and now they don't look like feathers ><

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