Dragon Prince-Colored-

Posted Sep 20, 2007, 4:01:16 AM

I originally did the lines for this on the computer. I was actually going to color it digitally... But that never happened. (obviously) I had printed it out to fiddle around with the colors; one thing let to another, and I was finishing it up. He actually is a part of a story with two other (very gay) princes. (It goes Dragon, Phoenix, Peacock) Anyway... This picture took a surprisingly long time, and was done mostly with Copic markers, white acrylic, and a bit of normal pencil.



Dragon Prince(yet to be named) belongs to Angela Knapp

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  • Sep 26, 2007
    Oh, that's just cool. Great design and coloring! Your style is so defined and striking. :3
    • Oct 4, 2007
      Awww, thanks so much hunny.
      I rarely do anything this detailed, so I'm really glad you like it.
      • Oct 5, 2007
        I think it's wonderful...and now I'll know it's a rare treat when you really go all out and detail something. <3