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Posted Sep 20, 2007, 6:00:24 AM

This was supposed to be Anti-Form, not AntiSora.. xD But I already had named it AntiSora, so oh well. Whichever you choose, makes no real difference to me.

I was aiming for something creepy and kinda dynamic (ish). I didn't try too hard on this piece but a lot of people over at deviantART seemed to enjoy it lol. I hope those of you here like it as well. :3

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  • Sep 20, 2007
    wonderfulBig Smile
  • Sep 25, 2007
    Oh I remember seeing this on DA. I always thought Anti-Sora was damn cool. he should have been a Drive selection instead of coming up randomly. But anyway Awesome piece! A definite fave Thumbs Up
    • Sep 29, 2007
      Yeah I agree. Big Smile I would love to manually go into AntiForm. xD I've seen people patch the game so that you could, but I'm not sure exactly how they got it to work.

      Thanks for the comment! Smile
      • Sep 29, 2007
        No problem! Damn if I knew how to rig my KH game to go manual antiform then I totally would Yes