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Relive the Past

Posted Sep 20, 2007, 6:13:08 AM

Drawing I did of Sora the way he looked in my doujinshi I drew/wrote about 4 years ago now. I am working on reviving it, not only finishing it this time but also redrawing it as well. Some of the story'll be changed to add more depth and interesting aspects, but the character designs, overall environments and situations will remain pretty much the same.

With that said, I'm working on the website layout right now. I may also post the redrawn pages here too since this site has a nifty web-comic layout for those. x3

Open Canvas 1.1

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  • Sep 19, 2007
    ZOMG you finished it.

    i wish i could have watched you DX stupid computer.
    • Sep 19, 2007
      I know. DX

      But, I'm not sure it would have turned out so well if I had since there were only two layers when we were all drawing lol. XD I ended up using like eight.

      Still, I wish I could have finished it with you guys. Did you ever finish that or did you start over?
      • Sep 19, 2007
        i haven't touched any art since... really.

        i'd like to draw right now but i don't want to do it alone atm XD
  • Sep 20, 2007
    The key blade kinda scares me a little, but it's fitting in with his outfit ^^ (It actually looks damaging too)

    And his mesh topp is totally sexy too. He's such a bad boy looking Sora in your comic XD I just sit there and oggle his body (and feel guilty cause I have a BF now XD
    • Sep 21, 2007
      Ah no worries! Even with a boyfriend you can still look- as you know so will they. xD Even when I had a boyfriend I still oogled over hot guys... just not around him lol! But anyway, thanks so much again! Smile I'm glad you like it.
      • Sep 23, 2007
        My problem is knowing if he's understanding about it >.> All my friends know I'm innocent enough and it's just play, but I haven't gone there with him yet. He knows i'm open minded. I donno HOW open minded though... I'm not lesbian, but it's an artists thing to like the human body...
        • Oct 13, 2007
          True, true... I liked girls since I was young and didn't really like guys until I was like, 15 or something? And that was even after puberty had already started lol. So, I dunno. I thought I was wrong for liking girls for a long time until recent years.

          A lotta people don't believe I do since I draw guys all the time but, I just find them easier. XD

          Anyway, what I mean is, artists do tend to like all forms of the human body because it's artistic. Not necessarily sexual attraction. So if he understands that then you shouldn't have any problems, you know?

          I just happen to like both sexually so... that kinda freaked my ex out a bit. XD oh well. :shrug:
          • Oct 15, 2007
            Its weird- some guys dig the whole girl x girl thing and some are just so homophobic... I'm more of an appreciator- always have been. I've always thought that the female form was beautiful, but was never sexually attracted... I do see the appeal in lesbian love though ^^ I'm straight as a nail though. Doesn't mean I can't be open minded about others being like it though Yes Romance is awesome in all shape and form ^^
  • Sep 20, 2007
    I really love this piece of yours. I've already said it before, but I find the design of that keyblade to be amazing. You always make Sora so beautiful. Heart
    • Sep 21, 2007
      hahah, yes, the Keyblade could definitely kill. XD

      Thanks so much dear, again. :3 <3
  • Sep 23, 2007
    I agree with the others your interpretation of the keyblade in this "setting" is phemominal and compliments Sora's costume design. Well done!
    • Oct 13, 2007
      Thanks! I'm happy you think so. ^__^
  • Sep 25, 2007
    He looks like he tried on Squall's clothes XD but it cool none-the-less. I LOVE that Keyblade too. Awesome ^_^
    • Sep 29, 2007
      hahah, it's only slightly like Squall really... There's a big difference. XD

      Anyway, thank you. Big Smile
      • Sep 29, 2007
        Sweat Drop yeah it's the pants and the jacket and the red belt I think that makes him look like Squall. But it's still very cool ^_^
        • Oct 13, 2007
          I suppose. xD I just see a lot of difference and only few similarities... I didn't really have Squall in mind when I drew this version of Sora four years ago either. XD So, oh well, whatev'.

          thanks for your comment. :3