An EVIL Jester

Posted Jul 15, 2005, 8:24:57 PM
I drew this when i was mad and was trying to let off some steam. Please let me know what you think.

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  • kara
    Jul 15, 2005
    i love the teeth Evil
  • Jul 15, 2005
    This is absolutely my favorite drawing of yours, Allie. I love the evilness of his face. I know how hard things can get at home with your siblings. Just make sure to keep letting out your frustration on your artwork and not your siblings! Laughing Besides being alot safer for them, you create some wonderful drawings in the process. I love the flames in the eyes. Very well done, sweetheart. You make me proud. ^_^
    • Jul 17, 2005
      ok ok i will take my frusteration out on my drawings and not my siblings I love you it was fun drawing this guy
      • Jul 17, 2005
        Yes sweetie. I don't think your mother would appreciate it if you killed your brothers and sister. Laughing So for now, use your frustration to draw. That seems to be when you get your best characters out. Keep up the great work, hun. I love you so much. *Huggles*
  • Jul 15, 2005
    This is kewl, hun! He definitely looks very, VERY evil... looks alot like my little brother!! ^_~
    Great job; you could design characters for cartoons Smile
    • Jul 17, 2005
      thanks so much i did it when i was really mad at my evil little brother some times i want to do something evil to himEvil since he does alot of evil things to me
      • Jul 17, 2005
        I have 3 bros; I know exactly how you feel, lol! ^_~
  • Jul 23, 2005
    wow absolutly scary!!! I love it great job!! I love the eyes!! Laughing
    • Jul 24, 2005
      thanks you havent been on here for awhile ^_^
      • Jul 24, 2005
        Oh I know...I am in Utah! I am on vacation visiting my uncle with my parents. I am coming home tomorrow and should be home Tuesday night lol! Your aunt Kristina knows. I talk to her the way she is doing alright now right? She doesn't really reply to me very fast Sad
        • Jul 26, 2005
          yay your comin home thats kewl that your visiting family yea she is doing ok sometime we should talk im sorry she dont get back to you fast^_^
          • Jul 26, 2005
            Its alright babe....I Know she has problems of her own to deal with, but I am home now!! YAY!! I am so happy! And now I can see your Icon yay! Aww your so cute lol!! Smile
            • Jul 27, 2005
              thanks yay yur home yur home kewl now we can chat
              • Jul 27, 2005
                Yay!!! I know I am sooo happy! Now you know when you come on here you can talk to me as long as you just send me a PM! Smile




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