Night Warrior 2

Posted Jul 16, 2005, 8:42:58 AM
I did this in literally thirty seconds after an inspiration from my yucky stuff I just uploaded. Yay, inspiration!

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  • Jul 16, 2005
    What yucky stuff? I didn't see any yucky stuff. *scratches head* Anyway, I rally like this character of yours. It will be nice to see him with a little color on him. You are doing great. Don't get discouraged and keep drawing. I am still trying to get the hang of drawing hands and feet. That is my biggest problem area. I literally sit at my table with my sketch pad and draw nothing but little hands and feet all day. Laughing I need to find something to do with my time. :lol: Keep up the good work. You are doing really well.
    • Jul 16, 2005
      Thank You! (I just realized: his lower torso was too small in the other one, but it's too big here! What? ) that aside, it looks a lot more evenly proportioned than the others. I guess i like the straight angle best. Thanks for being so helpful, and for giving me the great advice. I really find it sound, and It's nice to speak with other artists and gain skill. Thank You so much!
  • Jul 16, 2005
    Omg, I suck at hands so bad, and I also suck at angling one character I did in another direction. ^.~ So once again I applaud you my friend!! And, you know what, I am just as hard on my work as you are on your own. So it will be misplaced for me to say, but remember that you have to love your art before anyone else can be allowed to even see it. SO keep it up and learn that your art is as good as anyones here.

    Still, I am misplaced saying that... What?
    • Jul 16, 2005
      Thanks, I'll remeber that! Your art is really awesome, and You're definitely not misplaced to say Your art rocks!(even if that's NOT what You're saying)It's so great, being here and learning and gaining inspiration from You guys. Thank You so much!
      • Jul 17, 2005
        Haha, thankies!! But I took down my art just a short time back so I can repost it and have a better outlook on it. I am glad that you enjoy being here, because we enjoy having you here!!
        • Jul 22, 2005
          Thanks! It's awesome Critiquing!
          Post it again, and You'll probably get a lot of good comments! I'd love to see!
          • Jul 22, 2005
            Haha, yes it is awesome!! I already posted like three of my pieces, but there is much mroe where they came from. So I am going to see if I can get the pics up so I can burn everyones eyes with their horrid selves. Evil Yes... and then I wlil continue with my plan from their... -evil laugh-. Wacko Laughing
            • Jul 23, 2005
              Oh, no. I'm sure thay're going to be awesome! But you get points for the evil laugh. Mwahaha!
              • Jul 24, 2005
                LoL Evil Being evil, looking evil, and laughing evil is what it is all about!!! Now... to get more points and finally be able to control your mind.... :evil: