Destruction Revealed

Posted Sep 27, 2007, 3:54:48 PM

"There she stood, upon the aftermath of battle. Victory was hers, or so she thought, 'til destruction was revealed to her amber eyes".

That's the concept I had beind this piece.  It was initially just a scrap sketch that I did to try to get the feel of design a warrior and the armour.  I need to practice more, I do know, but I'm not too sure how to go about it.  Well, specifically, I'll look for help in the armour department.  Not that I'll ever change this piece, but for future projects I decide to do.

Techinical Stuff.Well, this piece alone took me about 60+ layers of work.  The lineart itself was done traditionally, mechanical pencil and inked over with a Pilot Pen.  Colors and clean-up of the lines were done in Photoshop CS2.  I never really keep track of time taken, so I'll leave that out.  But usually, a full-color digital piece like this takes me several hours in the course of a few days.  Also, this was all colored with a mouse, not a tablet.

Legal Stuffs.  The sword design was done by my good friend, Frederick Watson.  Everything else, was designed by me. 

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  • Sep 27, 2007
    I like the suit and the weapon. But I would prefer another background. Fire or sky. And she doesn't seem to think about victory she's too sad for it. t seems she is thinking about her friends who has fallen in the battle.
    • Sep 27, 2007
      Hm. Yes. I guess a better BG would be better. I guess I might try that in the future.
      Well, yes, she does look sad, but that was the point. I guess I didn't write it out right. ^^; What I mean was that she DID have a victorious battle, until she finally turned to see her own town, the one she was trying to defend, being destroyed. A small battle was won, but a bigger one was lost. That was the point anyway.

      Thank you. ^_^
      • Sep 28, 2007
        Wow! Now I see you've done what you intended. And I'm sure fire would be a great BG.