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Posted Sep 27, 2007, 5:21:08 PM

This is my contest entry for Saimain's contest. Wish me luck. I do not particularly expect to win though. I entered because I simply loved the theme. And because Faeren is spoiled and demanded a painting :P ... It is strange how - after a while of painting - these characters seem to be brought to life in my mind.

Besides that, though, this is also a gift for her, a thank you piece. Reasons for that are mentioned in my latest journal:

There is a long story behind this piece and lots of symbolism, but I won't tell it all here, unless you ask about it.
Part of it is the forest gripping Faeren's hand, anyway. I wanted it to mean, that the forest desperately needs the silene, to keep itself sane... and that it is frightened that Faeren will leave.
I think that this is somewhere at the beginning of their relationship - Faeren is not really that treelike at this point, besides some moss and his feet, while the forest holds his hand and his cloak, because it does not know if Faeren will stay in the end.

Can you spot all the animals? Butterflies, a lirewen (that purplish bird), a weasel, snake, mouse...

Wee I am proud of this. This is a huge step forward, in my opinion. I have never even come CLOSE to the amount of detail in this digital painting, nor have I ever worked on something for such a long time - without being bored or losing patience. There are only a few things in here which I do not like at all (them being the two dark trees in the background, and the lighting).

Time: 50+ hours, I did not keep track in the end. RIP my hand. It died somewhere along the way.
Faeren and the Forest are © to Adele Lorienne
Her website:
The painting is © to me. Do not touch this in any way without mine and Adele's written permission.
WIPs can be viewed on my second DA account:


... oh and did you know I am exactly of Faeren-height? ^___^

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  • Sep 27, 2007
    I can tell you have put a lot of effort into this - it's breathtaking! The texture of the moss looks so soft ^^
    I love the idea of his legs becoming like tree trunks and taking root in the forest floor. Amazing!
    Best of luck! Big Smile
    • Sep 27, 2007
      Thank you very much ^_^ I am really glad you like it Smile
  • Sep 27, 2007
    The atmosphere in this is...absolutely amazing. Not only all the incredible detail in the foliage, but also the colors and mood really stand out. He watches the butterflies and the simple beauty around him even while the branches and vines are pulling at him and the roots anchor him in place. He's a part of something beautiful, however dark and imprisoning it may be. Gah, you've put so much time and detail into this! It really shines as a masterpiece. Love all the little creatures everywhere, too, but I think the moss on Faeren and the "captor tree" behind him is my favorite part. So beautiful and intricate and fascinating. You've really outdone yourself. ^__^

    Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful vision and participating in the contest! Thank you also for your kind words in your journal. I'm honored to have inspired you to create, and I hope you go far with your art career. Smile This is an incredible example of what you can do, and your work in the future can only become more stunning. *hugs* best of luck to you, not only in the contest, but also in your own endeavors. May you always be this successful!