Fairy Light

Posted Sep 27, 2007, 6:30:34 PM

Yay! He's done! >.<

This is Lior, Ixchiel's mate, er--one of his mates...-_-0 His name means light, hense the title. Phoenix picked it out for him. ^_^ She forced me to RP Ixchiel and Lior. Heh, she really wanted to RP Ixchiel and I didn't have a mate for him yet so I started a poll and then we just picked the fairy, (since neither one of us wanted to wait for the poll to finish) and I play Lior while she played Ixchiel.

Er, yeah, I don't have anything really special to say about him, except that he's obviously a fairy and uh, yeah. And I know, I told Phoenix that I wouldn't go crazy on piercings again... but I couldn't help it!!! I had to put those piercings in his wings..... He forced me to.... >.>

But besides that, I thought black onyx and pearl would look really awsome on him, a good contrast with his natural light coloring, so all the black circles on him are piercings. Eve in his wings>.< And there is a semi-circle on his right shoulder which is actualy his mating mark from Ixchiel, it's really a crescent moon with a circle in the opening of it.

And I couldn't help the red and orange I put in it either!!!!! *tries to run away from those colors*

And here's a link to Ixchiel, since they are mates after all. http://www.paperdemon.com/art/view/14938

Lior © ME! & Phoenix

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