Asian Sachiel

Posted Sep 27, 2007, 7:07:58 PM

Well, this isn't the first time I've experimented with Sachiel's facial features- I've been trying to give him a truer asian look than what I was before. I started looking up reference after reference after reference, after a while I decided that he'd be somewhat Chinese or Taiwanese if he were human. I wanted him to have the epicanthic fold (even if slight) because it's part of why I think asian eyes are so pretty. I also wanted to give him the fuller lips and have it make more sense with his ethnicity lol.

So yeh. Other than that, new outfit too. Course he doesn't really have any "official" look... I just tend to dress him up in a certain style.

Shirt design (tanktop and fishnet) was inspired by an outfit I saw at "Pink Ice: California". I was sitting outside the store in a mall near where I live, filling out applications and doing an automated phone interview (talk about boring) and noticed an outfit on a manican I thought looked really cool. xD I just had to draw it on something. XD My version is a bit less conservitive though. lol.

Open Canvas 1.1

I hope to color this at some point...

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  • Sep 27, 2007
    I like the attitude, you can see it in the way he is standing. Big Smile I could just eat him up! Id love to see this colored!
    • Oct 13, 2007
      thank you so much! Smile The colored version's in my gallery now just in case you hadn't seen it.
      • Oct 24, 2007
        Awesome! I will have a look. I am still very new here, lol