The Feather

Posted Sep 28, 2007, 3:49:34 AM

A young Ryuusei looking fascinated by a feather. =)

Completely mouse-drawn in PhotoShop 7.

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  • Sep 30, 2007
    I like how you color. =]

    A few things I would tell you to watch out on is proportions, baggy/loose clothes, and shading.

    Although you have the right idea, you have to be careful on how to depict wrinkles. Although things are looser there tend to be only fewer big folds. Not many small folds.
    Also, try to remember this. Hands are about the same size as the head (when spread out).

    Keep at it. =]
    • Sep 30, 2007
      Yea, I know all about what you're saying. It's just I was having trouble trying to get the proportions worked out from that angle, and the wrinkles...they tend to be evil; still working on them. Sweat Drop
      As for the hands... I made them small cuz I thought it would look strange to make them the same size as his face - seems too big for a little kid, y'know? (He's about 4 here.)