Posted Oct 2, 2007, 5:54:34 PM UTC
OMG the brightness!!! It's burns!!!!! *bleeds from the eyes*

Ok, so here is Tyr (pronounced Teer--It means War Born in Norse Mythology), formerly known as Raven and will probably have his name changed--again.... >.<

He is Ixchiel's other mate, in a completely different and alternate universe than Lior, with nothing to do with each other what-so-ever.

There's nothing else about him, he's had no life until now, was born full grown and has lived under a rock until he meets Ixchiel. *nods* Oh yeah, except that he's half Wyvern and half Malayan Blue Coral Snake; and yes, that snake really does look like that--which shocked me too when I saw the picture and that's why I just couldn't pass up making him one. Even if I had to use orange--again and the colors are blinding as hell.
Here's a pic of the snake.

Also, NO this is not a rip off of Snapesnogger's naga "Wyvern". NO I did not use that character for any references. DON'T bitch at me saying I copied Snapesnogger or any other immature bullshit.

© ME!

P.S. I am so sorry Phoenix!!!!! I know we were looking for names for him together but I forgot to save them before we ended the chat!!! >.< *hits head on desk* If you don't like the name we can pick another one for him!! -_-

Oh yeah, link to Ixchiel

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  • Jul 6, 2011, 10:39:45 AM UTC
    i like how you do all these detailed scales and everything all the time! your patience is admirable, i just like how you take care all of these details. :3
    i don't know any other similar design, so no worries. though i know how annoying it is when you come up with an idea/character/plot/design and you see it on the next day from someone else (worst if it's famous stuff, then you'll never get away with the "you took it from there" sayings. ^^' )
    anyway...back to the picture...great job on him, keep up :3
  • Oct 20, 2007, 6:43:47 AM UTC
    Amazing work, all the colouring is bright and stunning to look at. That tail must take ages to draw, very impressed.