Sweet Dreams Litte Fosse Grim

Posted Oct 20, 2007, 6:53:06 AM

Menz.... no female. D<

It was too big, so I resized it.  I usually don't draw so big.

  The lineart looks so much better. I sucked coloring this one. Usually my colored versions come out better than just my line arts, because they're sketchy and ugly and the colors make them -seem- a little cleaner. =/ Nope. Not this time. I took my time with the line art, because I was playing around and didn't think this would even look good at all.

I would go ahead and submit the line art, but it if I'm going to submit it as a line art, it needs a little more work (not much, though).

Anyway this is my Nacken/Fosse Grim, Raethiel. He was in the same RP I played Isven in (He's the only other guy smoking in my whole gallery, I think. Kind of hard to miss) and while he, Isven, and Drell were sitting there, he decided, while the fox(Isven) wasn't looking, he'd try his... whatever the hell it was.

Of course, then, he got really bouncy and pissed Isven off instead of falling asleep, but yeah.

This is Raethiel's sweet dreams of a lost lover. :c

I was listening to Blackmore's Night; Spirit of the Sea while listening to this. That's what took it from Fosse Grim with nightmares to happier, or more sorrowful,

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