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Posted Oct 20, 2007, 1:30:34 PM

"Don't you know, Yanagi, my dear? To the victor goes the spoils of war."

Yanagi's eyes narrowed and she took a step back, trying not to trip over a dismembered arm. "Just because you slaughtered a bunch of demons who wanted to kill you to protect me doesn't mean you won... my person," she snapped. She felt the wall behind her back and suddenly had a very acute understanding of what it meant to be trapped between a rock and a hard place. She just wished she knew whether Lucifer was the rock or the hard place.

Lucifer laughed softly. "My darling," he purred as he leaned toward her, his lips at her ear. "Have you not realized? Of everything in my home, you are the one thing worth winning."

Yanagi didn't even register that Lucifer had called her a thing as she stared at him. A slight smirk, that arrogant, utterly male smile only he could pull off in a dignified fashion, slid across his lips. At that point, she did the only that made sense to her: She fainted.


Line art for a picture I'm working on for Angely i Demony because I haven't drawn Lucifer or Yanagi recently. Originally I was going to put up a colored version. That didn't happen. *lazy*

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  • Oct 20, 2007
    Cool. The lines are very clear and the overall design is very well shapes- very sleek and flowing! Just a couple of minor things:
    -I think if the chin/face is more rounded it would enhance the pic better.
    -The left (his left) shoulder seems to be a bit too pushed forward.
    -Adding a few tiny lines where his left hand's fingers curve could make it clearer about the orientation of the fingers.

    Anyway, keep it up!