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KH - Antiform Consuming

Posted Oct 22, 2007, 6:26:59 AM

This is what I did while RPing with someone on DA. I had a lot of fun with this even though for the most part used the smudge tool on photoshop.

Sora to AntiSora pic. So fun XD... probably spent little time on other things but as I said this was fun to do X3


Sora/AntiSora (C) Tetsuya Nomura/Square Enix
Fan Art (C) KyuuketsukiNeko

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  • Jun 2, 2008
    oh wow this is awsomely amazing i love the smudgy tool =3 oh and you have a DA whats your name mines ^^;; kuroryushin XD
    • Jul 21, 2008
      I have my fun at using it in this pic XD

      my DA is KyuuketsukiNeko. I seem to keep the same name unless otherwise said.
      • Jul 31, 2008
        sweet ill go look ya up ^^
        • Aug 5, 2008
          alright :3
          • Aug 7, 2008
            oh wow your a really good artist I like your marker art <3
            • Aug 8, 2008
              you're meaning on my DA or something else?

              Don't do many marker art things but with prismacolor markers I am likely gonna do more

              Thanks though.
              • Aug 13, 2008
                yeah on your DA <3 and i have only like a few prisma markers XD there like almost dead tho XDDDD
                • Aug 17, 2008
                  I have the whole set of prisma markers. I didn't use them too much but I know I love to use 'em X3
                  • Aug 19, 2008
                    lol thats sad in a way i only got my couple cause the art teacher was going to throw them away ^^;
                    • Sep 15, 2008
                      throw away markers like that? whoa.
                      • Sep 17, 2008
                        i know! thats why I snagged them <3
                        • Sep 18, 2008
                          that's good :3
                          • Sep 25, 2008
                            lol yeah but now there almost dead XD well my red is any ways XDDDDD
                            • Sep 26, 2008
                              I brought my prismacolour markers but there was one colour that did not work that I should look into buyin it single sometime.