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The Nightmare Before Christmas

Posted Oct 27, 2007, 4:36:41 PM

Medium: acrylic
Paper type: gray cardboard
Size: DIN A3 (29,7 x 42 cm)
Time: 13h

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  • Oct 27, 2007
    Fabulous work darling. You've managed to capture the Jack we all know and love. Heart
  • Oct 27, 2007
    Very nice! I love the details you've gotten into this... the pin-striping on his suit, the blades of grass, the subtle shading of the pumpkins, and the gate's metalwork.
    Wonderful colors, varied and yet still enveloped in night as they should be.
    I also really like the varied expressions on the pumpkins!
    Great work. =)
    • Oct 28, 2007
      Thousand thanks for your wonderful compliment!!!^____^
  • Oct 27, 2007
    o.o That's awesome.
  • Oct 27, 2007
    where would Halloween be if not for TNBC Smile You'd captured Tim B's style perfectly. Definitely, I'm adding to my favs list
    • Oct 28, 2007
      You are so right! TNBC is one of my very fav movies! Thanks for the add!!!!!~^-^~
  • Oct 27, 2007
    Beautiful work. Acrylics are so difficult to work with fo rme so I really admire your ability to create such a vibrant piece.
    • Oct 28, 2007
      Yes, acrylic is really time-consuming and difficult to manage. But I like the way the paintings look.^^
  • Nov 4, 2007
    Oooooh, I love The Nightmare Before Christmas! Easily my favorite Tim Burton movie ever! I loved Jack since I was a kid, and I still love 'im! All hail the pumpkin king!

    Jack's pretty difficult, 'specially with the white strips on his outfit. I love this piece ^^
    • Nov 10, 2007
      Thank you very much!!! Besides of Edward Scissorhands it's also one of my fav TB movies!^^
      • Nov 10, 2007
        Ooo, Edward Scissorhands was great I think. Hard to believe that was Depp when I first watched that after Pirates of the Caribbean. I also like Tim Burton's Sleepy Hallow. I thought that was great as well ^^
  • Nov 6, 2007
    Its just wonderful!
  • Feb 19, 2008
    Mmmm, can't help but love Jack Skellington! <3

    This looks great! Smile
    • Feb 23, 2008
      I love him too! XD
      Thanks for the comment!^___^
      • Feb 24, 2008
        Anytime. ;D And, yeah, he is beyond awesome. I can't say why though. XD