Averon - Fire Adept

Posted Oct 28, 2007, 3:23:24 AM

8D Fire! Fire! Heh heh heh. <3 (anyone who guesses that quote's origin gets a cookie.)

Ain't he awesome?  <3 He's mine.

Name: Averon
Age: 25
Race: Human; "that which harnesses"
Appearance: red hair, shoulder-length, and wavy. He has gold eyes, and he is 5’11”.
Personality: He’s very passionate, to say the least. Compared to his friend, Miguel, whom he grew up with, he is a lot less study-hard.
Other: He is adept in “fire” and “earth” elements, and doesn’t plan on learning any further. He is knowledgeable in the English language.
Bio: Averon grew up with Miguel, though he isn’t overly close to him. He was soon to leave the mages’ village, and set out into the humans’ domain and live among them as one. He isn’t so much a flirt as he is amicable. He loves a good conversation with excellent company over a glass of wine. Averon loves white wine the most.

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