Dragon Rocks

Posted Nov 7, 2007, 12:58:37 AM

One of the least known curiosities of Enwall, Dragon Rocks has fascinated geologists, artists, and poets alike with its strange, mythological semblance. Although no dragons have been seen in Enwall for centuries, and the rocks have been pronounced by wizards as totally non-magical, there are many folk tales centered around it. Most popular is the myth that dwarves carved the smooth, even pathway that leads up to the summit of the rocks, and those who can ride all the way up on a bicycle without stopping will get a wish granted. The bit about the dwarves carving the path is probably true, but the wish granting is complete nonesense, as many of the local mountain bikers can attest.

Keeping up my promise to post a piece of art a day: here is another piece from last year, but another one of my favorites. The location is in my original fantasyland, Antellonia, as always.

Prismacolor pencils on 9"x12" illustration paper. Art and drabble © myself, 2006.

Enjoy. :grin:

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