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Posted Nov 16, 2007, 1:35:39 PM

Its taken me years to come up with the looks for this character. I think I finely have him the way I imagine him. Though he may change bits by bits as the days go by.

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  • Nov 16, 2007
    Wow, I like your style very much! o.o And very cool details

    He looks so soft =)
    • Nov 16, 2007
      Yes! Then my goal on him was met! ^_^ He has a very soft personality and so I wanted him to appear that way. *Dances off happily*
  • Nov 16, 2007
    He really looks great and handsome.
  • Nov 16, 2007
    I really like your style of line art here, especially the more realistic eyes and the curves of his face.
    The coloring is very soft and warm, and well lit. The purple tone in his headdress is very nice as well.
    The way you have the hair flowing down and twisting is very nice, and you handled the coloring/shading/highlighting of that area very well, also. =)

    I know what it's like to go for a long time without a fitting portrait of a character that is in the mind... I've drawn one of my characters probably 10 times, and I still can't get him just right. He keeps changing slightly, also, though the general looks stay the same.
    Good luck with the evolution of this one!
    • Nov 16, 2007
      I was really unsure of what colours to make the headdress. Lol mostly because I wanted to make it blue but told myself I had to stay away from using too much blue on this character.

      I think I pretty much like the way he looks so hopefully not too much will change anymore. Now my main goal is to make my characters Alexander and Azalea. Every time I try to draw Alexander I think he looks too much like the Fire emblem main characters. *sigh* I want him to look like a typical hero but I still want him to be original.
  • Nov 16, 2007
    Very nice. And I can sympathize with not being able to figure out what one of your own characters looks like. xP It's very frustrating.