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Posted Nov 18, 2007, 8:46:22 PM

...where the deer and the antelope play~

Lol they hate that.

Actually, Talguen hates it, Maverick sings it to piss him off.

Maverick is a pronghorn(antelope[they're actually in the goat family]) anthron (people with a few animal features) and the drummer of the band Skin 44 in my comic. That I'm never going to do. :< Mav grew up in Wyoming (like me!) and hates it when people refer to him as a 'hick' (even though he talks like one). He's only 5'10" and has a big nose. :'^(

Talguen is a red deer and grew up in Ireland. He's very shy and can be kind of cold, but really just doesn't know how to express his feelings. He's the bassist and co-creator of Skin 44. He's 6'5" (about 7'5" including the antlers) and hits his rack on door frames all the time. :< He also hates it when Mav sings "Home on the Range". And being referred to as "Bambi" (also Maverick's doing). Oh and he likes booze.

These two are married. :'> They love each other more than anything. Even though they bicker a lot.

Tal sheds his antlers every year and gets migraines during that time. He also becomes very clingy and needy, but Mav likes the role reversal (he's usually Tal's bitch XD).

Anywayyyyys, I want to work on my comic but I suck at making it look...comic-y. :<

Art, characters © Caiti Woodward

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