Mother Mary.

Posted Nov 22, 2007, 9:06:14 AM
Trust me to take a Catholic Hymn and turn it violent. I'm not even Catholic!! XD But, anyway, this is probably the neatest inking and colouring job I've EVAR done. EVAR. I need to get a new sketch book soon, and one that doesn't smell terrible and rips easily... Is it just me, or is hymn very similar to hymen...? Coincidence? Who knows, who cares!! I hate her tail: It looks like a piece of pointy shit. :/ I don't really like going to church. Never have. Apart from Sunday school. I'm 14 and haven't stopped going to bloody sunday school!! :lol: But, I don't really like it. It's long, bores me, and when we say something like the Lord's Prayer, we drone like frigging robots. I don't like that. :/ And, no, this is NOT a ground for conversion. The reason I've been put off Christianity is people trying to convert me and shunning me when I don't.

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