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  • Jul 30, 2005
    Wow, Okami! This is beautiful! I think the black and white, raw feel of it is very dramatic. Did you do this with pen? It looks amazing! Bounce
    • Jul 31, 2005
      Hye Stealth Nerd, thank you very much for your comment Smile, I used a pen with Indian ink, I really like to use this pen. Besides, how are you Stealth Nerd?
      • Jul 31, 2005
        Cool! I thought maybe that was what you used. It looks amaing ^_^
        And I'm doing great, thank you! How are you? =)
        • Aug 3, 2005
          I am fine Smile thank you!
  • Jul 30, 2005
    This is really cool! I really like how you have done all those pen strokes...I like the expression on his face and his hair is really cool too. The only thing I see that could be improved is his arms look a little skinny to me. Overall though, great job! Smile
    • Jul 31, 2005
      Hye EBS, thank you for your comment and thank you to have told me about his arms, that will help me to progress. Smile
    • Jul 31, 2005
      Thank you Pierre, merci beaucoup! ^_^