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Posted Nov 27, 2007, 3:37:03 AM

this is another copy. i like this one :).  yet again it is from Tsubasa Chronicles. it is the art from chapitre.35 "A price paid can not be returned." i liek it. the original is by CLAMP

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  • Nov 26, 2007
    ok I'm jealous now Smile
  • Nov 27, 2007
    [This is soooo well done, I love it! I'm a huge sucker for pencil pieces, and an even bigger sucker for CLAMP artwork. ^^; But fantastic job! Definately keep it up =^_^=]
    • Dec 17, 2007
      haha sorry for replying so late! thanks heaps for the comment Smile. ill try to do more this hols! :).
      • Dec 23, 2007
        [It's alright, and no problem =^_^= Awesome, I'm definately looking forward to more *bounces*]
  • Dec 23, 2008
    Aww, this is cute! ^-^ I like her facial expression. Smile Well drawn! The movement is nice too. ;)