Prince Noilot

Posted Nov 28, 2007, 2:05:34 AM

A very old drawing (around...04, I think) that I found stashed away in my art folder. I fixed it up and slapped on some color (complete with atrocious fail attempt at a b/g). Also don't look at his hand. D:

Tolion's first son, woooo. He's 1/2 elf, 1/4 demon and 1/4 god. :0 When he was 6 a bunch of evil people kidnapped him and gouged out his eyes in an attempt to "release the demon within him", because his grandmother is the devil. So now he's blind.

Yeah. Craaaazy shit.

He's like the sweetest guy you'll ever meet. LIEK EVAR. And he likes bunnies. x3 And is practically in love with his little brother but we won't get into that. >_>

Art, all the shit mentioned above © meeee

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