Alucard is Psycho

Posted Dec 1, 2007, 10:13:56 AM

Yes, yes he is.
..but that's why we love him.

Been reading Hellsing. Never watched the anime (wasn't impressed with it when it was new and never watched past the third episode). I likes the manga. It is psycho.

This was drawn in pen and ink. It took me a while.

Hellsing (c) Kouta Hirano

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  • Sep 19, 2009
    The detail with the hair and bats must have been the most time consuming part. I tip my hat to the excellent work!
    • Sep 19, 2009
      Yes, that was a very time consuming part. That, and the fold of the cloth and all of the little dots fading into the background. Thank you! I'm glad you like the end result! ^^
  • Feb 5, 2008
    Wow! I can't believe all the detail in this. It's awesome. Smile
  • Feb 4, 2008
    XD I love you! Hellsing is one of my favorite mangas! There really isn't *enough* work. Alucard is so charming isn't he?
  • Dec 13, 2007
    Shweeeet. ^^
  • Dec 3, 2007
    ooooooh!!! Alu fan-art!!*dances happy joy jig* I love what you did with his hair! Sadly, I never got to read the manga.
    • Dec 3, 2007
      Thank you! I'm glad you like it! I emulated Hirano's way of drawing him in the manga with the hair and bats. If you want to read it, you can go here:
      and then the more recent chapters are under 'pictures' on that same site (a little disorganized). Wink
  • Dec 1, 2007
    that's so cool! i really like the moon, and the way his hair sort of spirals off into- are they bats? anyway, great job.
    • Dec 2, 2007
      Yes, they are bats! Smile I was trying to emulate Hirano's depiction of Alucard in the manga. I'm glad you like it, and thank you! ^^
  • Dec 1, 2007
    <3 <3 It's very awesome! I can really tell you put a lot of time into this! It's a very lovely fusion of your own style with the original and it works very well!
  • Dec 1, 2007
    Awesomeness, Jojo-kun!