A Battle

Posted Dec 4, 2007, 8:12:03 AM

Still in progress, but I wanted to know what people think of it so far. Ignore the way the girl looks though. She is not started other then her posture. Unless you think her posture should be different, then dont ignore her lol

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  • May 29, 2008
    Hey, just wondering if you're planning to finish this piece. I always liked the sketch Smile
  • Jan 5, 2008
    Okay, maybe I do have one suggestion Smile

    The wing on the farthest side looks a bit off. I see it coming behind him and in front of it. Maybe if you got rid of the feathers coming behind, it will look like it's not being divided so much.

    See the wing in the foreground? It doesn't really dip that low.

    Just a thought Smile
  • Jan 5, 2008
    Oh wow! You've got some action stuff going on! Nice! Hard to tell what the girl's really doing until the sketch is complete. Can't wait to see when it is!
  • Dec 4, 2007
    Looks great. Even for a WIP it beats the hell out of anything in my gallery >.> *Insert Jealousy Here*

    Also I think the girl in the background is cute, though I'm not sure exactly what she's supposed to be doing. I'd guess cowering, and if that's the case then yes a different pose might convey it a little better. =3
    • Dec 4, 2007
      Humm no she isn't really cowering. Its suppose to looks as if she is trying to get out of the way by backing up, then something on the ground trips her and she falls, landing on her back. Well thats how it goes in the book anyway. I had a hard time choosing her pose though. I tried with her hands downish and that didn't work at all. I know putting them over her head will make it look silly. At the same time Im trying to use her to balance the picture... Sorry Im typing so much ^^
      • Dec 5, 2007
        Heh, ahh. I see. You could try with one hand held outward and the other up against her chest, might give more of that expression... or at least that's what I'd see in my head. Only a suggestion though, still looks great as it is. ^_^
  • Dec 4, 2007
    its looking good from what i can se so farThumbs Up, really like to see it finished Smile




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