You're All That Matters

Posted Dec 10, 2007, 9:40:48 AM UTC

Well this is my very first lineart of Inuyasha. :dance: I hope you guys like it, it didn't take too long to do and now I am going to color it. After that, I'll be a happy camper.

This position and look was inspired from Episode 21: Naraku's True Identity Unveiled. This is when Kaede and Miroku have him locked up in the hut and he's thinking about Kagome. In case you can't see it, he's lying on his arm.

My fangirl influence decided to make him shirtless though.. I did originally draw him with his white undershirt. ^.^;;

The colored version can be found here: »Linkie«

» 1h 30m

» Pencil, Felt-Tip.

Artist Note
» The character Inuyasha belongs to Rumiko Takahashi.
» The picture above belongs to me.

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