Emerald Tranquility

Posted Dec 15, 2007, 12:55:03 AM

All was silent, save for the chirruping birds, the sighing of the wind through the leaves, and the gentle trickle of the waterfall in the background. All was peaceful. Everywhere he looked he saw green. A fresh green carpet blanketed everything, blinding his equally green eyes in a vibrant rainbow. This was his home, his sanctuary. This grove of trees covered in the Kiryan ivy and soft moss always eased his body, mind and spirit.

Sunlight filtered in through the emerald leaves, bathing everything in a soft golden glow of purity. Every leaf, every blade of grass held its own little gold candle when the sunlight carressed it. Even his once blue black hair now held a tint of green for the green around him was so vibrant and fresh. As he sat silently on his favorite perch, a fallen tree over-hanging the stream, Lael had nearly forgotten about the bubbling ball of energy sitting next to him.

What noise the little dragon made! How was he supposed to catch them dinner if it kept frightening their meal away? He pulled the hook back up from the clear water, and gave his 'child' a mudererous glare.

The drakling paid the stare no heed, though. Its tail waving to and fro like that of a happy dog, it reached for the hook, squeaking excitedly. Lael began to fear, with the wet moss, that the little dragon's excitement might cause it to tumble into the stream below. He rolled his eyes, sighing inwardly as such ignorance.

Finally done with it! Took a couple days total to color. I left it alone for awhile, and finally got the nerve to color it. Welcome the Secret Grove, Lael's retreat from the world outside, and the only access to this wonderful place is through the cave in the back (or from sky if you can fly). Karaglen's so cute!!

Characters: Lael and Karaglen (c) me

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