Ecthelion of the fountain

Posted Dec 20, 2007, 8:40:50 PM
The lord of the fountaine or fountain, of Gondolin did not only slay the lord of the balrogs the day Gondolin was overrun from orcs and worse.

He was one of the captains of king Turgon, the son of Fingolfin.
According to the Silmarillion he was Glorfindel´s best friend and were one was mentioned the other was mostly also told of.

When I did make my drawing of Glorfindel, I wanted to draw him too. Can you blame me?
I thought to place him at the kings fountain first...but then I found the idea better to let him sit in a garden in Valinor.

Maybe he waits there for his still missing friend? Who knows...

This drawing was made with fine pens 0,5 only. Shaded, drawn and all. It took my 4 weeks from the first sketching to the last shading.

If it looks too dark for some, redo your Gama please, It is not that darkly shaded as my Maglor pic.

Tolkien s works do NOT belong to me! This is only Fan art. However, this picture belongs to me.

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