KaT and Terry

Posted Dec 23, 2007, 7:39:21 AM

this is a picture I drew on the front of a DVD I made for my best friend. :)

hope you like.

oh and I realize that the left eye of the guy is unnaturally dark........ my pen sort of half exploded, and I did what I could to save it. >_<

note: I take pride in the works I design of my own imagination, so please do not, in any way, shape, or form use my work.

thank you sincerely for the respect :)

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  • Dec 23, 2007
    I don't see why you think it's dark... Maybe the scanner killed it ^^ lol.

    What was it a DVD of? The girl with the pink hair has a smart quirkiness about her- I like it ^^ I like seeing characters with glasses too- yay for spectacles!!
    • Dec 24, 2007
      well, the girl is supposed to by my rendition of myself lol. and the hair was supppppooooosed to be purple under brown [because I had just dyed my brown hair purple at the time] but the flash of my camera [that thinks its a scanner] made it a bit bright. Idk, in person, the shadow under the eye just sticks out to me.
      thanks for the comment.
      I love spec-ta-ma-cles. i was so nervous when I drew them because I thought they'd come out bad.
      nope. lol
      thanks again Big Smile
      • Dec 25, 2007

        I can has glasses too ^^ Dance Buuuut, I don't have much of a choice. It's laser eye surgery to get me to a negative 3 so there's not much point until they can fix hopeless cases like me ^^; Had glasses since I was 4.
        • Dec 25, 2007
          wow, me too! well, i was 5. I got them in kindergarden. My eyes are really bad... my dad has glasses at 2400/20..... his glasses are over a centimeter thick >_< all his siblings and his parents have glasses..... and all the grandkids. lol, must be a dominating gene in us lol
          • Dec 26, 2007
            What's that in power? I have a -9 lens (approx) in one of my eyes. I donno what that is in 20/20 terms...
            • Dec 26, 2007
              in power? idk....... on the edge of REALLY blind....... i mean, it's bad. his eyes are one of the worse cases to our eye doctor.
              • Dec 26, 2007
                Apparently refractive index is the term I mean ^^; I can't find any conversion table though. Unless I know that, I really don't have a clue how blind he really is. I know I'm pretty bad. I'm not the worst my optometrist has seen, but that doesn't mean alot ^^;
    • Dec 24, 2007
      oh, and the DVD was of my friend and I and random stupid videos we had made over the year or so. Very comical to us lmao




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