Seeing Ghosts

Posted Dec 24, 2007, 11:36:16 PM

Top: Chemical Brothers

Unnamed for now.

2 years apart.

These are troublesome brothers. In live they made alot of trouble for alot of people. When they were young is with just lil annoying stuff, but the older they got the more serious they got. They committed crimes, and such. At one point they were wanted. The older brother killed himself because of this, and the younger brother was murdered out of revenge for one of his crimes.

When they were both dead a cruse of their souls was activied. The older brother was pulled out of hell because of it. Now they are now allowed to cross over into the after life until the cruse is somehow broken. In the mean time they have grown into more demonic spirits because of they hate of the cruse. The older brother rather enjoyed hell, and couldn't wait for his his brother to join him. In hell he gained powers ,and he loves showing off to his brother, but when he returned to the living realm as a ghost he lost alot of his powers.

Middle : Blood Sisters (Twins)

Unnamed for now.

5 minutes apart.

They knew the Chemical and even fell in love with them. The feels were returned but not the right way. The younger sister fell for the older brother ,and the older sister fell for the younger brother, but the younger brother wanted the younger sister, and the older brother wanted the older sister.

Once they found out about all the bad things the brothers were doing they decided to leave them alone all together. However, they vowed their souls that they would somehow stop them from making trouble. They could for alil while ,but the brothers moved far away from them ,and made them useless ,but only up until alil time before the older brother's death. When they heard he died they they still had to look after the younger brother ,even tho he didn't commit crimes as often anymore, nor were they as serious as usual.

The sister's died of old age ,but they're souls from young. For giving their souls in life they can not cross over into the after life until the brothers do, because now they're ghost are reeking havoc.

They are not mere ghosts, they are phantoms. The means they have powers afforded to them.
They're eyes are different now because the blank eye sees with the other sister sees ,and vice versa. It helps them scout areas ,and whatnot. I have other powers for them...but i donno what they are yet.

Bottom: Jeckal Twins

Boy: Jegin

Girl: Jackquelna

10 minutes aparts

Jegin is the older of the two. They weren't always as thick as thieves are as they are now. Jegin was as bad ,if the worse, then the Chem -bros ,and Jack didn't associate herself with that sort of thing. She is very well behaviored ,and usually nice. She doesn't let herself get picked on tho. She's not a fake person and doesn't like lieing or lairs , and she been known to kick her share of ass when need be.

They are phantoms.

When they first got there Jegin ,being who he is, starts smarting off to high level demons and almost gets ripped apart because out it. Jack would've went to heaven ,and been an angel if she hadn't been able to see this going on. With that she attacked one of the angels of judgment and saw instantly sent to hell. Before they could notice she had stolen the angel's weapon that she attacked ,and beat the attacking demons with it. From there on out Jegin is much kinder to her ,and now they get along. (He still a dick to everyone else ,tho.) For the loyalty she had shown to her brother she was awarded the power to travel in and out of the living world ,heaven ,and hell. She can also that her brother with her.

As you can guess, Jegin got those scars from the demons he antagonized. Jack's eye is blank because...i donno yet.

Jegin has various ,and changing powers with there he goes. I don't have then right now but I'll make them up soon.

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