Faren WIP

Posted Jan 2, 2008, 3:53:28 AM UTC
OK, this is not a shit crop job, I'm just an idiot and drew too big. >.<
Give me a freaking break! I haven't been able to draw since I finished "Butterfly Garden"!!! *cries*

Anyway, this is a Christmas present for Russu, even though she doesn't deserve it.... He will get colored eventually and I had intended to have him finished by now, but circumstances involving RL have prevented me from doing so. So there!

About Faren: He's my character I RP with Russu's character Arden and we haven't gotten very far because she's a butt-munch AND she's stopped us RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF SEX!!! But I hold no grudges against her... nope....
Anyway, he's a wyvern so he has little mini demon wings and you can sort of see them in the bottom of the pic... he's often mistaken for a woman because of his femanine appearance and short stature. And I tried to make that look very obvious here. >.<

The line art isn't that great because he's going to get colored soon and his hair is all black so I didn't bother fixing any 'mistakes'. And the comb in his hair has peacock feathers in it that's why there's that light mess in the top side there. Ignore it.

Also, I totally ripped off the pose from Saimain and her portrait of a character she drew, Ildera. So yeah. just giving her credit--for the pose. >.<

Faren © ME!

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  • Jan 2, 2008, 2:26:40 PM UTC
    this is so good! i don't think it looks crap at all. i really like his earrings and the way you did the eyes. (i admit i thought he was a woman at first too. Smile
    • Jan 2, 2008, 3:29:36 PM UTC
      *laughs* Yay! My job is done then! At least one person thought he was a chick. *grins*