Vegeta Sleep

Posted Aug 3, 2005, 10:25:20 PM
Well, I haven't sumbitted into RC before..and though he's not nude...I think he's good enough for RC...I hate his hands, I had so much trouble doing the second one, I cheated, and stuff it under than covers >_< I wish I could have though of more detail for his body, but, it's mostly the monkey red anyways in the show. Oh and um, the deal with the pink boxers is, I had saw awhile back in DBZ, when Vegeta first took a shower, and demanded clothes from Bulma, she had handed him a pink shirt and yellow pants, which, Vegeta scoffed at because they werent manly enough for him. So, why not pink briefs, I mean, he's been with Bulma so long, I'm sure he's quite comfortable with em' now ;) lol.

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  • (anonymous)
    Aug 3, 2005
    Chris, Chris, Chris...holding back on me huh? This is really good hun. I have never seen you attempt something like this before and I must say I am impressed. Your skills are developing so nicely hun. I know what you mean about the hands. That is my weakest point as well. Along with feet. But I had a bunch of members send me reference pictures for hands and I sat down and just setched a bunch of them. Now I am totally getting the hang of it. I just practice every day. My son has even been my hand model a couple of times. Just start off by sketching your own hand in different poses. Once your hand is "trained" you will find it easier to draw the different lines and curves of the hand. The same for muscles and feet and everything else. I can send you those reference pics if you like. They truly helped me.
    Anyvay, I really love the humility behind this picture., You always make me laugh so much. You have such a brilliant and creative mind. I am so honored to be in your presence. ^_^ Keep up the good work. And keep practicing those hands. You will get it down in no time.
    • Aug 4, 2005
      Hehe, thanks Kristy =) I can DEFFINATELY do with some studying in the human anatomy department with my art, but like they say, practice makes perfect, and I want that perfection ^^. I'm gonna keep tryin' till I get it to work the right way =)...."psst psst...that means no mo' cheatin' hehe"
  • Aug 3, 2005
    Hahaha, I like this. The whole pink boxers thing just makes me laugh. Wonderful job!
    • Aug 3, 2005
      I'm glad someone else finds the boxers idea funny =) I figured it would be easier to look at a Vegeta with pink boxers on, rather than a full frontal stripped naked Vegeta >_> Besides, he IS part monkey in SS4, so who knows what he has underneath that hood..even the legs I was unsure of what to color them, because he normally wears tight leather pants.
      • Aug 3, 2005
        LoL Well, I could either way with that. Evil

        Haha, I understand what you are saying though. Yeah, t is hard to try and imagine it and for that I commend you. ^^
  • Aug 3, 2005
    NIce job!

    I like it...still can't stop laughing

    well done!!!!!
    • Aug 3, 2005
      yaaa lol. Yeah, the pink boxers are really a gag, I had to do it >_< lol. And it was also my first stab at Vegeta, as well as something for RC. It may not be EXTREMELY mature to look at, but I think the boers make up for it..makes easy too look upon. But next time..I'm doin it in pencil..I think my RC art would do better that way, unless I REALLY want it in color.
      • Aug 3, 2005
        ya looking forward to seeeing it
  • Aug 6, 2005
    heheh pink boxers!
    This isn't really Red Curtain material. I'm going to move this into the Paper Demon site.
    • Aug 6, 2005
      Ok, that's fine with me =) wasn't really sure if Paper was suitable or not for it lol, so, rather than risk getting in trouble for putting it on Paper, I put it on RC =)
      • Aug 6, 2005
        yeah that's perfectly fine. I'd rather people put it in RC and let me move it than the other way around. Smile