Adult Bijou: Post War

Posted Jan 25, 2008, 10:56:15 AM

So I drew little Bijou, all grown up. This is some six months after he left to fight alongside Rese in the Unravelers wars that are going to start around his 16th birthday.

When he leaves, he's going to be a tall, lanky gangly child and when he comes back, he's gonna look like this.
The Mindstalkers are going to cut his long wavy hair and thin it out some, so that the ends are wispy, as shown here, for the main reason that the longer the hair, the easier it is for Unravelers to grab it.
And a particularly ill spirited female Unraveler is going to leave him with the scars across his belly.

Lord, this first time Alice runs her hands across those, he's gonna be on his knees, a total slave to her. -sniggers- Boy's got it baaaaad.

Damn. He grows up to be hot.

Art, character and the Mindstalker race are (c) Me.

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