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Posted Feb 4, 2008, 11:26:25 PM

This was a shadow-person...thing (that I can't remeber the name of...) Well, the creature was Ankoi's type that I've seen on Y!G. So I made one (made a few but this one got done when I was near a scanner...)

Name: Rai

Age: 16

Eye color (since you can't see it.): one black & one light green (no whites)

Personality: is very shy but trys (and finals) to put up a strong "I don't care" front. (this get him into trouble...hehe~!)

Rai likes his hair in his face to cover his eyes because of shame. He's ashame of being a tri-breed which was wrose then a half (so the crule people of his village tell him.) His 'mother' died in childbirth with him so he was raised by the village caretakers, whom fed him lies all his life. Rai's father was never known by anyone other than his mother. Rai dreams that someone will come to take him away from this hateful village and give him a reason to lift the blind from his beautiful eyes.

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