experimenting with manga pens

Posted Feb 11, 2008, 5:05:17 AM

this is yuki from the melancholy of haruhi suzumiya. its offical artwork.

this is just me experimenting with these awesome manga pens my friend bought. ill have to buy some! there so fun to play with!

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  • Feb 10, 2008
    ~squeals joyously~ Sooooo cute ^_^ I love this pic so much!
  • Feb 10, 2008
    Those the grey scale copic markers? They're niffty. I should get myself some cause I know I have issues with colour T.T (They're expensive though >.> )
    • Feb 10, 2008
      they probably are copic markers. on the packet they said 'manga markers'....or something like that...i didn't really look, i just went "YAYAY! let me draw with them! =D"
      yeah they are fair expensive though....he said they where like 30 bucks. there so much fun though =D so its kinda worth it
      • Feb 10, 2008
        I googled Manga markers. Yeah- looks like a generalisation for markers used for comics specifically. Could be like... Copic, Tria, Promarker...I use them a little. I like it ALOT more than digital. Its alot more easier to me than using a tablet




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