A More Realistic Supreme Kai

Posted Feb 18, 2008, 8:57:38 AM UTC

The Supreme Kai was my favorite character in Dragon Ball Z, and I felt kind of bad he didn't get more into the story. He could have had a more deep and meaningful character, at least I thought so. I drew this because sometimes I like to take the persona and distinct physical features of a character from anime and make them look more like real people in my imagination. I haven't watched and followed any anime for a couple years at least, but I enjoy the art. Dragon Ball Z was the only one I really followed as a story, but I have brothers who were crazy about it so I guess I got into it too even though I am a girl. Anyway, S. Kai ended up being the target for the practice and I started drawing this yesterday afternoon with a mechanical pencil and paper from my sketch pad. There were a lot of erase marks; there always are, but I haven't drawn seriously in months and I edited my picture's brightness/contrast, and made several copies so nothing would be messed up for good, once I scanned it so it could be presentable if I submitted it anywhere.

This is also my first submission for anything, anywhere. I've never joined a site like this before and was careful about where I signed up, so with that, I know this picture won't be very close to being so good as the artists with more experience. 

This isn't what I wanted to accomplish in the picture so much; I know he's not very real-like yet but it's still in working and details should be improved and with color someday.

Thanks for checking out my drawing, it's special to me and I hope it's nice looking lol

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  • Feb 18, 2008, 6:10:20 AM UTC
    Welcome to PD! Hug I hope you find everything to your liking here. If you need anything just send me or one of the other mods a pm. I'm on here most every night so I can usually help.

    and I luff your mohawk. hawks are sooo fun to draw!