Potty break by MonkMonk

Posted Aug 8, 2005, 1:30:13 AM
Even if it's not shown, even Sesshy needs to go to the bathroon, considering it's hard to with one hand. thats why Jaken is there to help!! :)

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  • Aug 7, 2005
    ROFL OMG SO FUNNY!! I love it!! wonderful job!! It made me lmao!! Laughing
  • Aug 7, 2005
    LOL this is very funny. +fav!
  • Aug 8, 2005
    LMFAO! OH my god this is sooo funny!! HA! I never even thought about this till now! Freaking sweet pic. Big Smile
    • Aug 9, 2005
      It just popped into my head one day and i just had to do a quick chibi of it!! ROFL
  • Aug 10, 2005
    HAHA poor Jaken!!!!