Aizen X Ichigo

Posted Mar 6, 2008, 8:52:19 AM

made for a friend on DA


aizen and ichigo (C) tite kubo

art (C) Praginfly

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  • Mar 6, 2008
    Oh man- I still remember his deception. Everytime I talk about Bleach, everyone like... that's not just fooling it a DECEPTION (in a big voice). I was so sad about Aizen's death too T.T
    • Mar 11, 2008
      aww ^ x^ i love aizen he makes a great bad guy but i really liked him as good : /
      • Mar 14, 2008
        Iiiiii donno. I like him better bad.I was sad when he died cause he didn't get to see much of him, but wen I found out about the deception, I was like THANK YOU!! XD
        • Mar 15, 2008
          haha OMG have u seen the newest bleach manga #314 > o< aizen is so bad ass!!! i wanted to rape him, and the *I'm sexy* look he gives > x< made of win ¢¾
          • Mar 15, 2008
            Uhhh.... you're a bit ahead of me >.> I buy the graphic novels... but New Zealand imports them and it's a slow process. I'm upto graphic novel #22.... That's #195... I'm right at the start of the Vizards stuff >.> Aizen is VERY hawt though. Specially when he does his content smile. Ooooooh- teh evil ^^ :3
            • Mar 15, 2008
              if you go to you can watch all the manga made into vid mangas : D
              • Mar 15, 2008
                My friend already has most of that season in anime format Smile I'm in no big rush ^^ I'll buy the manga legally. I'm very anti stealing when it comes to art and writing. Besides- it sux reading it on the computer ^^;
                • Mar 15, 2008
                  well its not considered stealing perse, they post the manga's online for download and then people make them into videos ;P
                  • Mar 16, 2008
                    They as in VIZ post it? Somehow I doubt VIZ post them online before I'd buy it. That's not only bad marketing, but a huge spoiler for people like me that legally wait. I won't hold it against you, but I don't believe in downloading manga off the net.
                    • Mar 17, 2008
                      oh no not viz, the actual company that produces it, tite kubo enjoys seeing the fanart for his manga's ^ .^ not sure if he enjoys the yaoi though XDD
                      • Mar 17, 2008
                        Not many male artists/writers/voice actors do... all the ones I've met haven't liked it... Luckily for Kubo Tite, I don't see much Bleach yaoi. I see most straight couplings. It's out there of corse. It's nothing in comparision to the other yaoi out there >.> Lol.