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Ryuuki and Shuurei

Posted Mar 10, 2008, 7:39:25 PM

These two are from Saiunkoku Monogatari. I love this anime! The story is beautiful and so is the animation. :heart: I still haven't found the time to color this. ^.^;;

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  • Mar 11, 2008
    Aw, cute lineart. I hope that you'll color it :3 I rarely see SM fanart even though it's a great anime :/
    • Mar 13, 2008
      thanks a lot! yes, there's rarely any fanart of SM. glad to know that you also enjoy this anime as much as I do. Smile
      • Mar 16, 2008
        Haha, I hope SM will become more popular when it become international. Now, I'm motivated to draw some SM Tongue